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With Shaw Direct, access free Shaw Go apps, over 10,000 on-demand choices, the most HD channels in Canada, exceptional customer service and much more. Learn more">here.">Retail E-lert 13 - December 2013 img 1


Come in from the cold and cozy up to the Fire Log channel. Tune in to channel 955 (HD), channel 299 (SD) or order with Shaw Direct On Demand until January 7, 2014 and you'll instantly be basking in the sights and sounds of Yule logs burning in the fire on your television screen.">Retail E-lert 13 - December 2013 img 3


Retailers can sell, install and get paid on commercial opportunities. Similar to residential sales, you can sell to Commercial establishments such as bars, offices and restaurants. Simply use the current Retail promotion, set them up on Commercial programming and claim your CNT codes as normal. For any establishment requiring more than 6 receivers, please submit a sales lead">here or call toll-free 1-855-874-6952.

When you’re selling public viewing accounts, remember:

-PPV promos do not apply -Movies cannot be added -Programs cannot be recorded and played back (with a PVR or otherwise) -Each additional receiver over and above the first is subject to a $9.99 ADO fee.

We’re always here to help, please call us if you have any questions!

RETAILER OF THE MONTH Who: Merv’s Cybertronic Where: Swan River, Manitoba Why: In this fast paced world, it is nice to know that you can walk into Merv’s Cybertronic and be greeted by a familiar face and a friendly smile. Thank you for always showing loyalty and dedication to Shaw Direct. Congratulations

to the team on the 50th anniversary of Merv’s Cybertronic!

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Four generations of Merv’s (from left to right) Merv Neely, Kevin Neely, Kyle Neely and Travis Neely.


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